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Quran Memorization Course For Kids & Adults

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Quran memorization course for kids and Adults

Hifzul Quran Online- Easy remembrance by heart

We provide online Quran memorization classes in different modules that help the learners to memorize the Holy Quran flawlessly. Our experienced and professional teachers include female Quran teachers who help each and every student to learn the Quran individually by our online Quran memorization classes. The main purpose of the course is to attain the Itqan level in Hifz Quran online. Our online Quran memorization classes enable the learner to learn the Quran following all the Tajweed rules.

What will you learn in LiveQuran’s Quran memorization course?

LiveQuran's online Quran memorization classes and in the Quran memorization course the whole course is designed to let you memorize the entire Quran and you will get a step-by-step approach in the classes to memorize the Quran . We have provided the best online learning platform where reviewing and learning each lesson will be done thoroughly. You will be guided by the teacher well who will make you memorize each word by heart of the Quran.

  • The course begins by memorizing the Quran word by word.
  • Your teacher will review the surahs you memorized.
  • Memorization and revision are balanced in the course.
  • The entire Quran will be memorized by the end of the course.

Importance of Quran Memorization Course and Classes

Memorizing the Quran by heart is the most important part of our course and in the course our teachers will explain why it is important to memorize the Quran from your heart and soul.The teachers will make sure that students understand what is the value of Quran learning and memorizing in their life. Reading the Holy Quran completely is like a miracle where memorization word by word is important in our online quran memorization classes. For Muslims, the Holy Quran remains the honor and according to it, Allah grants everything to the person whom he chooses. Our Quran memorization course is all about the knowledge of Allah and his routine life. With the Quran memorization classes in the UK, being present in any part of the world, you can learn and recite the Quran up to the mark

What is Quran Memorization Methodology?

In the research, scholars of Quran have examined how students can memorize the Qur'an in a shorter amount of time. Through this research, the scholars found that there are four basic methods of memorizing al-Qur'an. The methods are Sabak method, Para Sabak, Ammokhtar and Halaqah Dauri. By using these four methods, the students could recite the whole Quran by memorization, within 15 hours without seeing the mushaf. At LiveQuran we focus on these four methods of the Quran memorization in our Quran memorization course and in our online Quran memorization classes.

Why choose us?

Having the best Quran memorization course and top Quran memorization classes in the UK , LiveQuran always starts from where you are. We have:

  • Positive environment for quick learning
  • Interactive live classes with face-to-face connection
  • One-on-one online classes for better interaction
  • Affordable solution for flawless learning of Quran
  • Three days free trial for understanding the concept and the you can enroll permanently
  • Get access to our Quran memorization course and Quran memorization classes in UK from any part of the world

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